Most of the time
you can find more talent from
within your own organisation.

The winning team is built on better used talent

Why is talent so hard to

Do you realise that most of the time there is much more untapped talent in every individual? Scouting, developing and retaining talent, that is the big challenge today. From now on, with the TPA Talent Profile Analysis tools, you can easily do this more often yourself. It will become much easier for you. You will gain insight into the potential of your employee (s) and your team (s) and you will continue to build on your winning team. This way you will discover which talents are already available and how you can use them more often!

In just 20 minutes per employee per year

  • You recognise the talent and potential of each individual;
  • This gives people more room to use their individual talents;
  • You know exactly what you need to strengthen your Team;
  • You are able to motivate your people;
  • You can keep your talented people at the organisation for longer;
  • You can recognise burnout or bore out symptoms in time;
  • Your sickness absence decreases;
  • Your return increases.

The smartest method for permanent talent development

The TPA: The Set of 3 Talent Profile Analyses

The Set of 3 Talent Profile Analyses is the newest and fastest three-part online tool in the field of interpersonal insight enhancement. Employees can develop their personal online Analyses on:

Personality/Social Style

the Communication Style

the (unique!) Motivational Style

With knowledge and insights obtained in this way you may now, as an employer, use and develop faster and more efficiently: the Personality/Social Style, the Communication Style and the (unique!) Motivational Style of all your employees and future employees.

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