The smartest method for faster talent development

The Set of 3 Talent Profile Analyses

With the Talent Profile Analyses you create the identity, the ability and quality of communication, and the motivational drivers of current and necessary future employees become transparent. This gives you a better insight into how an employee communicates and what "drives", moves and motivates an employee.

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The Social Style

Every person has a mix of different Personality Styles. The Social Style analysis helps every person discover their Personality Style and their accompanying talents and how to use them optimally, resulting in improved communication with the right instruments and patterns, matching the right personality in the right team.

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The Communication Style

Communication has two sides: the characteristics of your Communication Style and the style of the other with whom you communicate. How do you gain insight into your strong communication skills and the qualities that sometimes result in "counterproductive" behaviour? And how do you use that new knowledge to strengthen your communicative insights and niceties? How does an employee communicate and how can you help improve that communication more easily? Based on the theory of Osgood, Berne and Harris, the Communication Style analysis makes this clear and easy to apply in daily practice.

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The Motivational Style

This unique instrument provides insight into the motivational factors that each employee is sensitive to, often at differing levels, and probably wants to further develop and satisfy. The unique motivational analysis is an instrument with which an objective measurement can be carried out once or twice a year prior to selection processes and progress interviews, making it transparent and easier to determine, utilise, monitor and improve someone's motivation. By using the Motivational Style analysis you improve the choice when selecting the right candidate. From now on, save costly assessments and avoid disappointing recruitment and selection processes.

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The importance of well-functioning teams.

And how important is it to have insight and overview into the quality of teams:

The strength of successful teams lies in the recognition of talents and good cooperation. The feeling of being "successful" together is motivating.

For this it is important that employees know each other, trust each other and are willing to confront each other and take their own responsibility. In addition, personal factors such as knowledge, experience and talent play an important role.

The fact is that as a team you can achieve more when there is an eye for diversity.



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